Blog Prompt #2: Procrastination

Please respond to the following questions on your blog.

Are you satisfied with the final product you are submitting today? Is it your best possible work?  Why or why not?

In your opinion, did you procrastinate on your learning task assignment?  Why do you believe this to be true?

Did you use your class periods effectively? (From my perspective, effectively means every class you did work on the task and for almost the entire period you were focused on completing your work)

Discuss the assignment with respect to expectancy (did you expect to do well? did you feel you could do well?), value (did you value the task or the grades you will receive for the task?) and delay (did you leave all the work until Thursday, Friday and/or the weekend?)

Knowing that many tasks in this class are structured similarly (multiple work periods provided, loose guidelines on what to do), are you worried about the tasks?  Can I change anything in the structure to help you succeed?

Author: mscuttle

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