PEDs Project Technology Tools Presentation

In every PEDs project there is a need for use of technology.   You and a partner are going to choose one use of technology that is related to your PEDs project and present it to the class.  It could be using a specific feature of a PED, an app, an online site and/or a specific application of a creation tool (e.g. a specific use of google docs/forms/sheets/slides).

Please make your use as concrete and specific as possible.

You will need some form of visual aid and technology demonstration in your presentation.

We will begin presentations on Monday.

Technology Tools Lesson Rubric


Concerns (>80%)

Areas that need work

Criteria (80% – 90%)

Standards for performance

Advanced (90% +)

Evidence of Exceeding Standards


Presenters demonstrate an understanding of the technology tool

Presentation covers the key features of the technology tool

  Application to Education

Technology tool is linked to use in PEDs project focus area


  Visuals Aids and/or Technology Demonstration

Visual aids are professional (concise, clear and free from spelling/grammar errors)

Technology demonstration is clear, easy to follow and demonstrates the key features of the tool



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