PEDS Project Wrap-up

Executive Summary (one per group)

In a google document shared with me write a report using the following headings:

Project Goal (explain the goal of your project)

Project Deliverables (explain the different deliverables of your project)

Initial Conditions (explain your initial assessment of the situation you were trying to change)

Project Outcomes (what were the results of your project, include relevant data from survey collections)

Conclusion (did you reach your goals, why or why not)

Appendices (include surveys, survey summaries and any links to materials created for your project)

Concerns (>80%)

Areas that need work

Criteria (80% – 90%)

Standards for performance

Advanced (90% +)

Evidence of Exceeding Standards

  Knowledge and Understanding

Project goal and deliverables reflect an understanding of the role of PED in the area determined by the group. (10)

  Thinking and Inquiry

Data analysis is complete, through and derives insights from the pre and/or post surveys. (10)



Project deliverables (as reflected in the report and the appendices) are through, professional and designed to meet some or all of the project goals. (20)


Report conclusions are clear; reflect insight into the project process and outcomes. (10)


Report is clear, concise and communicates with proper spelling and grammar. (10)

Blog Post – Personal Project Reaction

What were your contributions to your PEDs project? Please be as specific as possible.

In your opinion, was your PEDs project a success? Why or why not?

If you could go back in time and change something about your PEDs project, what would it be?

Give suggestions for improving this project for next year’s IDC class.

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