Self Directed Project

You have two options for this project:
Learn a new technology skill and present/describe your learning in any method that you choose


Learn/research any topic /skill of your choice and summarize/describe your learning using a “new to you” technology



A multimedia summary of your project/research or new technological skill.

The summary should cover the following points:

  • What your project is about
  • Why you chose it
  • What you learned/did

Project Proposal – Due Friday, December 16th by the end of class

In a google document that you share with me, cover the following points:

  • Describe what your project is.  This can be a few short sentences.
  • Estimate how long it will take you to complete the project
  • Describe how you would present the results of your project – you don’t need to choose your technology, just give me an idea how you would demonstrate your learning

Projects Due at the end of class on Friday, January 13th by the end of class

Item Particulars Mark Wt.
Interdisciplinary Knowledge Student demonstrates and provides evidence of new learning on:

Content:                Chosen topic

Skill:                        Chosen software/technology

Thinking and Inquiry Project demonstrates analysis of and critical reflection on:

Content:        Importance and relevance of chosen topic

Skill:              Uses and applications of technology/software

Communication Final product is professional, creative and demonstrates learning through:

Content:                Coverage of topic

Skill:                        Demonstration of new skills

Application Final product demonstrates proper use of new ICT technology and/or application of new technology skills 10
Grade 40

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