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Assignment Description

One of the major assignments in this course is to keep a blog.  The first step is to create a blog on the platform of your choice.  Some suggestions:

Please leave a link to your blog in the comment section of this post.

You can make it public or private – choose which ever makes you more comfortable.  If you do make it private, please make sure your classmates and I are able to read it. The title of your blog is also up to you.

Your blog must be created by the end of class on Tuesday.


Here are some of the best from previous IDC classes:

Blog Expectations

A well-organized blog including:

  • an about page,
  • use of categories and/or tags
  • an method of navigating your archives
  • an attractive design (you do not have to customize it)
  • a links section either as a separate page or a side menu that includes:
    • Three links to sites that you use for school
    • Three sites that you visit for personal use
    • Five links to sites that are related to technology in education.  Please include a one to two sentence reason for your choice of technology in education sites.
  • No filler (the comments and posts that are automatically generated when you create a blog)
  • A response to each blog prompt.


The structure of your blog will be evaluated according the the requirements listed above.  Selected posts will also be evaluated throughout the course. (More details to follow).  Other posts will be used in conjunction with my own observations and rubrics to determine project grades.

This blog is one portion of your final culminating activity.

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  1. This is the link to my blog:

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  3. this is edward lou
    here is my website:


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  4. Beautiful, elegant and fantastic stuff brought to you straight from a learning apprentice.

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    • Hi Ms. Cuttle!
      Sorry for this late msg! I actually had to change my blog platform because wordpress didn’t work on my computer! I changed my platform to weebly. Here’s the address:

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