Demo Slam Assignment

Due: Tuesday, October 3 at the beginning of class

A demo slam is a fun, creative way of sharing an interesting technology feature or tip.  Pick an app, feature, shortcut, tool or another technology trick that you find helpful for school-related purposes that you don’t think everyone knows about and create a demo slam video.

You can choose one of the items on the sign-up list or add your own.  If the technology you choose has many features, focus on one or two that make it ideally suited for teacher and/or student use.

The video should be at maximum 90 seconds.   You can do this assignment on your own or with a partner.

You will add your video to the class resource blog (  In your post also include brief instructions on how to use your technology trick.  Place your page under the different subcategories created in class.  You will need to be logged into your tdsb google account to edit the site.

Use this link to edit the site:

There is a sample post on the site on google keep from a previous class.

If you are shy or don’t like being in videos, feel free to use a friend, try something like the 450 slides demo slam (you don’t need to be nearly that complex) or try something like the instant elements video.





Concerns (>80%)

Areas that need work

Criteria (80% – 90%)

Standards for performance

Advanced (90% +)

Evidence of Exceeding Standards

Knowledge and Understanding

Video accurately demonstrates how to use/implement your trick

Thinking and Inquiry

Video explains/give reasons why your tech trick is useful in an educational setting


Instructions on blog post are clear, concise and easy to follow and allow the user to effectively implement your trick.


Video is creative and professional, blog post is categorized, tagged and has the video properly embedded.



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