2017 Placements

Placement Assignments

Flipped business classroom

Mr Rupke

Hooman Nozari

Max Sossin

Geography website + social science displays

Ms Levy & Mr Cade/Ms Indiran

Mary Anne Agustin

Sarah Latino

Google classroom

Ms Gourley


Lauren Webber

Grade 9 workshops

Ms Cuttle & Grade 9 Teachers

Chiromiya Suboshan

Jasleen Ghuman

Julia Bianchi

Mythili Velma

Nirosa Nirmalan

Rebecca Gillman

Literacy & Numeracy Quizlets

TBD – Ms Cuttle for now

Alice Zhang

Iram Rizwan

Sherry Wang

Thalia Marinis

Music and drama technology project – Ms Scott Barnier Oliver Daniel
Physics probes activities and training

Mr Gruszecki

Andrew Brotherton

Hussain Farsi

Selena Tran

School website

Ms Cuttle & Ms Diakun

Irina Petrovic

Jaewon Jeong

Kevin Yang

Mon Christian Santa Cruz

Payam Yektamaram

Sophie Zheng

Various science-related activities

Ms Law

Ajmim Ahmed

Angela Qiu

Mandy Wai

Maria Esipova


Placement Plans

The placement plan is an overview of your placement – the goals, tasks and contact information for the teacher.  It should be created at the beginning of your placement and updated as expectations/tasks/deadlines change.

Make a copy of the Placement Plan and add your teacher’s name.  Share the file with me as an editor.

Here is a sample plan: Ms Awesome’s Placement

Daily Log

The daily log is exactly what it sounds like – a daily record of what you completed in class.  This task is part of your final evaluation for the placement.  I expect it to be completed each day.  It has been shared with you through the Google Classroom.

 Placement Interviews

Placement Interview – Completed by Wednesday, October 18th (if this is an issue, please speak to me before that date)

Based on their application (if they provided one), develop a list of questions to go over with your teacher.  The answers to these questions should help you complete the placement plan.  They should also give you enough information to get started on your projects.

Some questions to consider:

―   What is the best method of communication between you and your teacher?

―   Does the teacher require you in the classroom at any point?  You can definitely miss IDC class.  If you would need to miss another class, you are not required to go to the teachers classroom.  If you are comfortable missing class, and the teacher of that class agrees, then you may do so.

―   What help is the teacher looking for?  (consider what they would like you to do, what they would like you to teach, the best form of reference materials, etc)

You want to leave your initial interview with enough information to develop a work plan and begin an initial setup of technology required and/or research.

If the teacher is going to provide you with materials, try to set a deadline of when you will receive them.  If the teacher needs to make decisions (which sites, which technology) be sure he/she has enough information to make that decision.

Do not finish the interview without setting up the next time you will communicate and/or meet.

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