Placement Wrap-Up, Portfolios and Evaluation

Finishing the Placements

To finish your placement you need to have a final meeting with your teacher to make sure all your projects are finished and your teacher knows how to use everything you created for him/her.

If your teacher still has more work for you to do, keep going.  If not, complete the final placement summary.


The portfolio is the final part of your placement.

I’ve created a google site ( (link for editing) for the portfolios and I will add each student as an administrator to the site.  Please make sure that you can access the site.  Your portfolio will be a page on the site.

Portfolio piece:

  • AA presentation of what you created for your placement using a relevant piece of technology. (Suggestions: video that tours a website, a prezi of your resources/videos, an infographic that describes your placement, anything else that you can think of with prior approval.)
  • Links to and/or uploads of any material that you created for your placement.


Written Material:

  • Teacher and subject area
  • Description of project
  • Technology used
  • Possible uses in other classes/subject areas
There are examples from last year on the weebly site so you have an idea of how to approach the assignment.
If you worked with more than one teacher you must create a portfolio for each teacher.  If you worked with a partner with more than one teacher you can divide the work with the understanding that the final grade will be shared unless you talk to be ahead of time.

Blog Entry

On your blog, write a post summarizing and evaluating your placement.  Consider the following questions:
  • Did you enjoy the experience? Why or why not?
  • What went well with your placement?
  • What difficulties did you have with your placement?
  • Do you consider your placement a success?
  • Do you think the project is useful/has value for IDC students/teachers/students of placement teachers?
  • How could the project be improved for future IDC classes?
Everyone must complete the blog entry.  You only have to do one blog entry for the entire placement so if you worked with more than one teacher you can combine the response in one blog post.


You will be evaluated on four dimensions:
  • My assessment of your planning, preparation and use of class time (including the daily log and placement plan)
  • Your placement teacher’s assessment of your work
  • Your portfolio piece
  • Your blog entry (as part of your blog evaluation (ISP))
See the rubric below for more details.
As well, you must complete a self evaluation for this project using the same rubric.   You will find the rubric on Google Classroom next week.

Due Dates

Blog Post:  By the end of class on Friday, November 3rd whether you are finished your placement or not.

Portfolio and Self Evaluation: By the end of class on Wednesday, November 8th unless you arrange otherwise with me due to the fact that you are still working with your placement teacher(s).

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