Blog ‘Post’ #6: Future of Technology

Choose 1 of the following:

  1. Find and watch a movie or tv show that depicts the near future (next 30 years or so). In a well-written blog post, answer the following questions:
    1. What technologies are depicted in the show?
    2. Briefly, how have the technologies changed people/business/society/government choices and behaviours?
    3. Overall, are the technologies portrayed in a positive, negative or neutral fashion? What evidence do you have to support this?
    4. Would you want to live in this future? Why or why not?
  2. Imagine your life 20 years in the future. What role will technology play in that future?  What devices will you own, how will you interact with technology?  Create a diary, cartoon, video, twitter feed, or Instagram feed describing your day.
  3. You have been elected dictator for the day. You can make one law that is immediately enforceable around technology.  What would that law be, what impact would it have and why would this be the best use of your powers?  Your response can be in written paragraphs or you can create a campaign poster/video/speech that you would use to convince people to elect you dictator for a day.

Post your response or a link to your response on your blog.  If you are going to use a social media platform for this response, please create a new account for this task.

Due: Before the winter break

Author: mscuttle

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