Course Expectations

Here are the course expectations for the class.  Different projects will evaluate different expectations.  By the end of the course you should have had two evaluations of each expectation.

Category CurriculumExpectations Translated Expectations
Knowledge and Understanding Research and Forms of Text Can you conduct research into ICT using a variety of methods?
ICT terminology, concepts, and theories Do you understand the ICT concepts and theories covered?
Thinking and Inquiry Planning skills (generating, gathering and organizing ICT information) Can you plan a project?generate ideasdevelop tasks and goalsorganize tasks and goals
Processing skills(Analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating information) Can you:analyze the results of the projectput together a final documentevaluate the effectiveness of the project
Critical and Creative Thinking skills(research skills, digital literacy, metacognition) Can you:- conduct research and generate ideas using critical thinking skills and creativity- use ICT skills to demonstrate your learning- reflect on your own learning and strengths/weaknesses
Communication Expression and organization of ideas and information Can you communicate your ideas and project results:effectivelyusing ICTin an organized manner
Communication for different audiences Can you communicate your ideas, teach your ICT skills to:classmatesother studentsteachers and other staff
Use of conventions(terminology and ICT forms) Do you use the correct vocabulary to communicate ICT ideas and skills?Do you use different ICT forms in the correct manner?
Application Application of knowledge in familiar contexts Can use your existing ICT skills effectively?
Transfer of knowledge and skills in new contexts Can your transfer your existing skills to new technologies/projects?
Making connections within and between various contexts Can you transfer your ICT skills to different disciplines/subject areas effectively?